Love Pedagogy: The Future of Education Reform



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Lisa's vision for education

Lisa's vision for education is exactly what educators need and crave. The time to stop for a moment and reflect on this profession that has been ripped apart by mandates. Thank you Lisa for guiding, inspiring and celebrating teachers.

Kevin Toledo more than 1 year ago

We need to bring Lisa's

We need to bring Lisa's Institute here to Chicago where we are stuck in the crazy world of Common Core prescribed standards, text book and test-prep curriculum and perpetual high-stakes, standardized testing.

Michael Klonsky more than 2 years ago

This is all nonsense. Until

This is all nonsense. Until the grinding poverty of rural and urban students is dealt with nothing is going to change. More money is fine, in fact children in poverty need more per student than suburban students. I grew up poor but had a home, food and parents that cared about education. All but one of my teachers in K-12 was uninspired and quite a few were simply horrible human beings. I still finished formal school with a PhD in science. The urban and rural living in poverty need jobs that guarantee a living wage and lift them out of poverty. The need ONE job that will do this and we need to incentivize parents to be at home for their children to take care of them and help them study. My husband teaches in a high poverty school and so many of these kids are hungry, homeless, come to school out of daily chaotic home life. Yes, the teachers need to care and the vast majority do, but the blame heaped on them for failure, the expectations that they need to provide something different every year, to provide parenting to each and every student in each class of 35-40 is driving all the good teachers out of teaching. Inspiration for learning is instilled at home by parents.

drsolo more than 2 years ago

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