Hillary Clinton needs to champion public schools



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Thank you, thank you, thank

Thank you, thank you, thank you! As a veteran public school educator, it is so refreshing to read this kind of advocacy for STRONG public schools. We educators feel deserted by both political parties, as candidates all seem to have bought into the public-schools-are-failing narrative. Diverting resources away from public education will only further serve to widen the achievement gap in this country. Our schools are our last, best hope for giving every American child the opportunity to reach his or her full potential.

Lisa Litz-Neavear more than 2 years ago

The problem for many is the

The problem for many is the suggestion that elections are about the best of two choices. Progressive policies require the return of non voters. Black lives count. Middle class but also low income people of all races count. By associating with the rich, Walmart directors, Saudi contributors, and Wall Street lobbyists, traditional democrats aren't sure that Hillary's election would change the structure of US society including the growing wealth disparity.. She says she is concerned with disparity in political influence. She needs to risk critics who accuse her of class warfare Even middle income voters need to have her explain better than Obama that their future and the future social ,mobility of their children isn't served by knee jerk voting against taxes. Nobody likes taxes and the needs might not require more taxes if our priorities were adjusted, However, for the present, social programs, education and income taxes are the only leveling forces available. We can't assume that the safety net is dependent on reducing medicare and social security, with defense being fixed and the only income tax choice being reduction. Will she educate American's on the realistic choices that are available rather than fool Americans into thinking no one need sacrifice? If not, it's hard to criticize the 50%+ of voters who are apathetic to the extent of refusing to take the time to vote.

Olof Hellen more than 2 years ago

The old ways will not work

The old ways will not work this time. Listen to America!

Arvin Blakeney more than 2 years ago

Do we have an option? No.

Do we have an option? No. She knows we must support her or get something much worse, Jeb! No one is on the side of public schools because everyone now believes the hedge fund owned media's comments that public schools are all bad. Good luck.

Mark T more than 2 years ago

I am sorry, I cannot vote for

I am sorry, I cannot vote for Clinton. She's a corporatist relic of the 90s and she's going to following the disastrous Democratic playbook of appealing to the moderate middle because there are more people in the middle of the normal distribution. The error there is thinking more of these people will vote. They won't. The same proportions vote every year. If you want more votes, you need to attract the progressives and independents on the fringe who despise corporate graft in government and vote third party (like me). Yes, I throw my vote away. You know why? Because it's my vote. I put a price on it and you have to earn it. I don't care if you are a "mainstream" candidate, the vote costs the same and certain criteria have to be met to get it. This is how I leverage my vote as a progressive. It's the only power I have. So if I am reflective of progressives in general, Clinton better do exactly what this article says...disenfranchise the special interests. There's about as much chance of that happening as of me winning the lottery, so I think it's a safe bet I'll vote third party, if I vote at all. Have a good day. -Joe

Joe more than 2 years ago

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