The Growing Progressive Movement to Save Public Education



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One of the most important

One of the most important legacies grandparents can leave for future generations is a strong, lasting public education system. Most public schools are not failing, but our society is. We're sending hungry, impoverished children without hope to our overcrowded, underfunded classrooms with orders to fix them with standardized tests. Countries like Finland, whose schools are highly praised, have other means to take care of social issues and let the schools educate.But, in America, we only believe in the survival of the richest and use for profit schools and sacrifice our youth to add more wealth their hedge funds.

Debbie Shoultz more than 2 years ago

Go to http://www

Go to and meet the Badass Teacher Association, a group of over 54,000 teachers, parents, and activists working to stop the corporatization and privatization of public education.

Paul Wagner more than 2 years ago

The Badass Teachers

The Badass Teachers Association Is an excellent advocacy group that has been very proactive against the national assault on education.

Lisa more than 1 year ago

Among many heart-grabbing-ly

Among many heart-grabbing-ly important issues. That's why we just have to select the right candidates, those who know it all ties together into a SUSTAINABLE future, and then get the people, especially YOUNG PEOPLE, out to vote.

Dorothy Knable more than 2 years ago

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