English-Only to the Core: What the Common Core means for emergent bilingual youth



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You have the right to speak

You have the right to speak whatever language you want, but it is LUDICROUS to expect this country to provide information in every possible language that a citizen or immigrant could speak. NO OTHER COUNTRY even tries, except America.

Our language policy is INCREDIBLY racist. Yes, I said it. It is against everyone who speaks English. For example, ever notice that EVERYTHING is available in Spanish? Great for people who speak Spanish, but what about 100+ other languages that people speak in the US? They get chopped liver yeah? How is it fair that a few groups get EVERYTHING translated for them and everyone else has to just learn English?

If you want to thrive in a country, LEARN THE LANGUAGE!

How often do you see people in foreign countries protesting with "Language is a right" signs?


Learn English. It isn't that hard. If you insist on not learning the language of the country, you better learn one phrase, "You want fries with that?"

paul more than 1 year ago

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