Why The Democratic Presidential Debate Ignored Education



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The Dems will not be

The Dems will not be abandoning their neo-liberal ways anytime soon. The sooner folks see past this duopoly con job, the sooner we'll get to working through it instead of keeping hope alive. Just see what they've done to places like Chicago: http://www.scribd.com/doc/106337306/THE-CHICAGO-PUBLIC-SCHOOLS-ALLERGIC-TO-ACTIVISM#scribd

Luis more than 1 year ago

I think it's because the

It wasn't negligence, it is because the party no longer has a clear platform about the federal government's role in education, the party is deeply divided over issues such as testing and charters, and to go into it would be a quagmire for all candidates. I think the new ESEA is going to put all of the research-supported alternatives you suggested (Pre-K, local charters, etc.) in the hands of states so that on a national level the party can avoid creating more rifts in its base.

Aurora Moore more than 1 year ago

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