What Is a Community School?



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I wonder how many people know

I wonder how many people know that "Strivetogether" a program linked to the implementation of Full Service Community School models nationwide, is actually a program of Knowledgeworks, an organization created by Bill Gates and based out of Ohio that is pursuing data-driven, competency-based education models? The United Way is heavily involved, too, as their goal is to ensure the workforce development pipeline delivers the widgets (or children) in appropriate numbers that wages can continue to be suppressed. http://www.knowledgeworks.org/policy/competency and http://www.communityschools.org/about/united_way_community_schools_learning_community.aspx

I think they are counting on people not finding out until it is too late. But Twin Cities' residents, this program has already arrived in your community: http://www.strivetogether.org/news/media-appearances/twin-cities-strive-announced-new-sif-grantee

Pay attention. The vision you have for community schools may ultimately result in an out-sourced "learning ecosystem" model where community partners do the teaching (that is the teaching that is not done online), and "teachers" just handle the paperwork as 100s of students pursue their "personalized" learning pathways slogging from "cradle to career." http://www.knowledgeworks.org/sites/default/files/future-ed-workforce-roles-learning-ecosystem.pdf

More links here: https://appsphilly.net/what-could-be-wrong-with-a-community-school-model/

Alison McDowell 341 days ago

Wow! As a Minneapolis

Wow! As a Minneapolis veteren teacher, I could not have explained how perfectly you did the school models in MPS. I wholeheartedly agree that the full-service community school model is best and key! How do we make this happen?


Glory Oljace 347 days ago

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