How common core hurts English language learners



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So all you NY educated

So all you NY educated elitist liberals can't even figure out how to educate people-!

Apeon more than 1 year ago

The problem is not with the

The problem is not with the CC Standards themselves. The problem lies with the high stakes testing that accompanies the Standards. I relish teaching my third grade ELLs the higher level thinking skills embodied in the CC Standards, and the students embrace the process of thinking through them. April rolls around and the both the students and I are proud of the progress we have made and the fun we have had reading, for example, a graphic novel based on Moby Dick. Then, whammo, we are all shot down with the End of Grade Tests and the Read to Achieve Tests, some of which take a numbing three hours to complete - in absolute silence with music and water absolutely forbidden. Our reward for eight months of hard work is to be slapped in the face with low standardized test scores. Let's not conflate the Standards themselves with the rigid testing that accompanies them.

J Loose more than 1 year ago

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