The Center for American Progress—Not Progressive on Education



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The Clintons have also been

The Clintons have also been involved with Eli Broad for thirty years.

Ken D 340 days ago

The fact that CAP frequently

The fact that CAP frequently co-hosts education events with the arch-reactionary AEI should be evidence enough that they have no progressive bona fides at all.

Robert D. Skeels * rdsathene more than 1 year ago


THE REVOLVING DOOR: Hillary said in the Ohio debate she would end the revolving door, but CAP is the poster child for the revolving door, and particularly in education.

Neera Tanden is a former Hillary aide and current President of CAP who also wrote in favor of reform and Common Core. US News and World Report is happy to be the mill for the propaganda, but disallowed comments under the articles which prevented them from being debunked:

Carmel Martin is another example, a former assistant secretary to Arne Duncan who became an executive VP at CAP and churned out pro-Common Core and pro-testing articles all throughout the 2015 debate on reauthorizing NCLB.

Her article 'Polls Don't Show Common Core is Unpopular', cherrypicked favorable polls against all journalistic standards, but see her full panoply of one-sided tracts here:

Catherine Brown is another former Hillary aide-turned-VP of Education Policy at CAP, writing in favor of reform and #Teachstrong:

We could go on, but we have lesson plans to write...

AmeriGus more than 1 year ago

Podesta's tentacles go much

Podesta's tentacles go much farther than education - for example his family's lobbying business is doing great with foreign governments that want to curry favor.

The Podesta group just signed a PR deal with Iraq and another with a Russian lobby looking to prevent sanctions.

But the education stuff is bad, fundraising from billionaires with Jeb Bush to push Common Core, charters and high stakes tests.

Jake J more than 1 year ago

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