The Battle Over Education and Civil Rights



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A central folly of the

A central folly of the misguided "test and punish" approach to education and related to Race to the Top rewards for schools who are successful at the testing game seems obvious. Schools most in need of more attention and more funding because they are "failing" are tested and then punished by draconian measures including loss of funding. All schools must be adequately funded (not "equally" funded), and positive measures, not punishment, must be afforded to those most in need. Unfortunately, schools by themselves can not solve the many problems that prevent students from scoring high fives on tests manufactured by profit-seeking individuals and companies. Schools, students and teachers are a vital part of the nation's infrastructure. As Arthur Miller wrote, "Attention must be paid."

Doug Giebel more than 1 year ago

Charter schools and vouchers

Charter schools and vouchers are illegal in Nebraska! The Omaha Public Schools are adequately funded and have a metropolitan-wide partnership with suburban districts, the Learning Community. Moreover, a number of local foundations are committed to improving education, be it through supporting the Omaha Schools (the Sherwood Foundation) or creating and funding the tuition-free private Nelson Mandela Elementary School to serve children from low-income families (the Lozier Foundation).

Craig Reisser more than 1 year ago

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