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Dear Tarah Camarillo,

Thank you! Thanks for subscribing to The Progressive, founded in 1909 by Senator Fighting Bob La Follette of Wisconsin.

We're more than 100 years old, but we've still got our teeth!

You can count on us to give you the latest in the battle for democracy - and against plutocracy--in America.

You can count on us to uphold the banner of peace.

And you can count on us to spotlight all the great activism that progressives are engaging in across the country.

Posted by The Progressive... on February 27, 2006

Cindy Sheehan from the March 2006 issue of The Progressive. Illustration by Shawn Barber.

Posted by The Progressive... on February 28, 2006

Al Franken from the September 2005 issue of The Progressive. Illustration by Bill Nelson.

Posted by The Progressive... on February 28, 2006

George W from the April 2005 issue of The Progressive. Illustration by Zachary Pullen.

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Dave Zirin finds Henry Paulson and son seeking a minor league bailout.

Ruth Conniff curbs her cynicism.

Fred McKissack Jr. cautions that we're not yet living in post-racial America.

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Luis J. Rodriguez takes us for a walk down his spiritual path.

[[:mag/nielsen1208.html|Organizing the Fields]] Kirk Nielsen

Comment Wall Street Socialism

Dave Zirin laments what the new Yankee stadium represents.

A Matter of Interpretation Erik Camayd-Freixas
As an interpreter in Iowa, I witnessed a huge miscarriage of justice.

Sexual Cleansing in Iraq Kari Lydersen Gays and lesbians are being targeted on a regular basis.

Borderline Discrimination Tim Vanderpool The double standard in the building of the U.S.-Mexico border fence is breathtaking.

Comment [[:comment1008.html|Racism and the Race]]

Dave Zirin finds sports owners in McCain's box.

Barbara Ehrenreich urges debt resistance.

Howard Zinn [[:mag/zinn1008.html|leans toward Obama despite his views on Afghanistan.]]

The Newest Scam to Steal Your Vote Lloyd Dangle and Greg Palast.

Obama's Task Ruth Conniff He still has to win over reluctant white voters. Plus, a snapshot of a Nader rally.


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Subject Matter

These punchy, timely commentaries cover a wide range of topics, including the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the crisis in Palestine and in Israel, U.S. involvement in kidnapping and torture, global warming, civil liberties at home, the economy, the Obama administration, the threat from the far right, gay rights, immigrant rights, and many more.

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