The Progressive Hires Former Raw Story Senior Editor Stephen C. Webster

Oct. 7, 2013

MADISON, WI -- The Progressive is pleased to announce that we have hired Stephen C. Webster, the longtime senior editor of The Raw Story, to oversee the reimagining and redevelopment of our website,

Currently under development, the new will update on a rapid-fire basis, constantly emphasizing stories based upon importance instead of popularity. Be it Gov. Scott Walker’s anti-union chicanery in Wisconsin, the tea party’s anti-American treachery in D.C., or the anti-choice crowd’s war on women, will be there to serve as a bridge to the national media for all those who work tirelessly in hopes of creating a better tomorrow.

"We intend to make into the premier news, opinion and multimedia destination for smart individuals who are sick of all the context-free reporting, celebrity gossip and pointless fluff pushed by today’s most popular online outlets," Webster said. “We're putting the fake liberal media on notice as of now and bringing the weight of history with us into the online arena."

“Stephen brings tremendous new energy and talent to our 100-year-old magazine,” explained The Progressive’s Executive Editor, Ruth Conniff. “We are really excited about his plans to turn our web site into a hub for writers and activists across the country.”

"Watch out for The Progressive!” publisher Matthew Rothschild added. “With the hiring of Stephen Webster, The Progressive is elbowing its way into the online conversation as never before. He's one of the rising stars of electronic journalism, and we're delighted to have him."

"With web guy Webster, The Progressive will have a fiery voice in America's online conversation," Progressive board member and legendary populist writer Jim Hightower said.


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