Scott Walker Vulnerable on Minimum Wage Stance



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Governor Walker isn't saying

Governor Walker isn't saying that a the current minimum wage "is enough to sustain" anyone. He didn't say it brazenly either except in the opinion of the CWS. He said it doesn't serve a purpose. This article gives voice to that opinion of CWS and uses a fallacy to do so. Minimum wage laws have been around for 100 years and have not solved the matters of poverty or living standards. Those that don't work because of minimum wage laws don't gain experience that will help them progress in their capacities and therefore remain unemployable and uneducated as to how to work and create the life they want by progressing through experience.

Charlie more than 2 years ago

Why isn't Mary Burke pounding

Why isn't Mary Burke pounding the airwaves with commercials on raising the minimum wage? 700,000 Wisconsinites live on poverty wages and many of them don't vote. There are no undecided voters in this state, only opportunities to get new voters over this issue.

Tess more than 2 years ago

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