Saudi Funding of 9/11 Attacks Still Cloaked in Secrecy



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Prof. AbuKhalil's article is

Prof. AbuKhalil's article is so incomplete as to be misleading. The CIA had contact with Usama bin Laden after he left Afghanistan and decamped to Sudan in 1996. It's on the public record that the Station Chief in Khartoum at that time was Cofer Black, who has admitted that he had personal contact with bin Laden. Mr. Black went on to be the Director of the CIA Counter Terrorism Center (CTC) at the time that unit allowed known al Qaeda terrorists into the US on January 15, 2000 after they had attended an AQ summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A warning cable was ordered withheld that would have alerted the FBI of the arrival of al-Midhar and al-Hazmi. These individuals went on to hijack Flight 77 that slammed into the Pentagon. Black was appointed a Director of Blackwater after he resigned CIA. UBL cooperated with the US in Bosnia and in 1999 his fighters were in the same sector as US Special Forces in Kosovo, which included a Navy Seal operator named Erik Prince. What is publicly known about the CIA-UBL relationship after Afghanistan is all laid out in detail here -- -- you might want to review this before you again write on the subject , Prof.

leveymg more than 2 years ago

"After the Soviet invasion of

"After the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the U.S. government launched a horrific campaign to recruit fanatical Muslims from around the world in order to form an anti-communist militia"
NO, it was before - a more than half a year before - in the beginning of 1979. Brzezinski bragged about it in his interview (1998) - that he launched campaign to recruit Muslims from around the world in order to "snare" USSR and turn Afghanistan into "Vietnam" to USSR.

lidia more than 2 years ago

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