Right-to-Work Laws Are a Fatal "Cure"



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It sounds like Walker has the

It sounds like Walker has the unique leadership skills to be our next President. It is amazing that a relative unknown can accomplish so much in an extremely short period of time and completely turn around the most progressive state by taking it back to 1890! Did he put something in the water system? We could blame it on those terrible public schools for NO LONGER TEACHING CIVICS IN THE SCHOOLS. I know the answer, let us close down more FAILING PUBLIC SCHOOLS IN POVERTY AREAS and open up less expensive Charter schools with TFA staff and use the money we save and give 90% to the wealthiest people and use the other 10% to hire an Educational company from England to create NEW CIVICS STANDARDS AND TEXTBOOKS AND PAY BILL GATES TO TELL THE GOVERNORS THAT THEY NEED AN ONLINE SOFTWARE ASSESSMENT CREATED BY MICROSOFT TO RATE HOW WELL SCHOOLS ARE DOING IN MEETING COLLEGE AND CAREER READINESS. Done. Now we can redo 1890 through 2015. Sort of like "Looking Backword" by Edward Bellamy. Whoops! We cannot have students read fiction or the Great Books in PUBLIC SCHOOLS ANYMORE, ONLY ALLOWED IN SCHOOLS FOR THE 1%! NOW WHAT?

Mark T more than 2 years ago

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