What We Really Need To Learn From Malala: On Valuing Education In America



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As always your words become

Prophecy. As always your words become prophecy Dr. Williams. I was glued to last night's livesteam occupation of superintendent Cami Anderson's office in Newark NJ, by the Newark Students' Union. I woke to find out that they were being denied their food by the chief talent officer for Cami Anderson. I tweeted out as others called the number to insist the kids be given their food and water. I was appalled to find they hijacked the food to try and get them to board a bus and leave. Parents, clergy and activists had to arrive to assure the kids received their food, and had to INSIST on seeing the children, because they were being DENIED the opportunity to see them to assure their safety. They were willing to be arrested and finally they were allowed to give the kids the food and check up on them. They held a livestreamed conference outside of the Cedar Street location and spoke eloquently on the topics the kids had been trying for over a year to express. Protest after protest, disrespect by Governor Christie, and by Cami Anderson for the kids, their parents and their communities. It has come to this.

Aixa Rodriguez more than 2 years ago

I am heart broken that our

I am heart broken that our public schools, especially for the poor and neglected, are being destroyed in favor of charter schools. Many of these charter schools are for profit and have very little oversight and transparency. The money they receive is taken from already needy schools and leaves the public school without resources to educate their young. The cancerous idea that every endeavor must be privatized for profit is so obviously anti-democratic that I cannot understand why anyone who truly wants to live in a democracy does not see this. It is clear to me that President Obama as well as the current Secretary of Education have little understanding of education and learning. They literally do not know what they are talking about when they make education policy.

Joan Gucken more than 2 years ago

Love, love!!!! I feel like

Love, love!!!! I feel like I am witnessing the absolute destruction of public schools....and it breaks my heart....

Theresa Reynolds more than 2 years ago

Brilliant piece, Dr. Williams

Brilliant piece, Dr. Williams. Bringing Malala Yousafzai to the Obama daughters' private school, and not to meet public school students, made her a celebrity toy for the privileged rather than a role model for the disadvantaged in our own country. Yousafzai has far more in common with the heroism of our young student protestors- how much they could have shared. Such a lost opportunity.

Terry Kalb more than 2 years ago

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