Proof that Solidarity Singers Are Not an Organized Group



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I let Irv stay in his van in

I let Irv stay in his van in my driveway for free for almost a year. And when I finally asked him to leave, he started harassing me in public yelling and swearing at me while filming me and trying to provoke a reaction. He and his GF have followed me around calling me "Pigman," flipped me off, vandalized a friend's tent in my backyard, spewed a weird liquid on my car, openly lie about what they're doing, and lie about an agreement we had that Irv broke. It's been going on for over 3 months now and even again today, so I'm going public with it. I do not approach them. I do not go places when I see they're there. Instead, they're coming into places where I've been hanging out for 13 or so years and doing this stuff. there's something seriously wrong with him. He thinks he can bully people into silence about what he's doing using a variety of threats.

John birkholz 219 days ago

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