When Police Decide What Teachers Can Teach



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It's natural that a police

It's natural that a police state, as any full blown capitalistic country has to become, gets tougher on opposition as time passes by. Capitalism is failing at the seams by the minute, by economic reasons. The attitude of the police will harden in time: we will remember with fondness the times when Police only threw teachers out of their positions. There will be a day when they will be incarcerated for their "anarchy-driven agenda" when they teach about people like Socrates that, in his own words, "corrupted the youth".

Ciro more than 1 year ago

Thank you, David Love, for

Thank you, David Love, for contributing common sense and human decency to this discussion. I have only one disagreement with this otherwise excellent article: when police determine the content of school curriculum, we are NOT just “well on the way towards being a police state” – we have ALREADY BECOME a police state. It is also ironically appropriate that Marylin Zuniga was fired on the 30-year anniversary of the Philadelphia police bombing of the MOVE house, which killed 11 people, INCLUDING FIVE CHILDREN. Parents, educators and concerned citizens should ask: how can the police, who regularly MURDER unarmed black children with impunity, claim to represent the best interests of children, especially in a predominantly black school district such as Orange, New Jersey?

R.B. Wilk more than 1 year ago

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