Obama Should Side with the Greek People



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The Greek people are doing

The Greek people are doing what we should have done when the private elites in our country came after the private pensions by instituting 401k plans and then, having the chupza to stop their contributions to the 401Ks they created! The elites, who do not pay taxes are also out after the public pension plans, the little that they are in reality, in order to introduce the 401k to the public employee! We need to reverse what has happened in our country and we can start by supporting the Greek people in their tfight o preserve their pensions. It is the rich bond-holders and stockholders who hold the debt now, who encouraged the debt and, want to call it in at the expense of the Greek people, i.e. instead of allowing their government to negotiate a deal that would protect Greek pensions and liveihood. The wealthy must stop investing where the benefits and profits go mainly to the elite investors, rather that the country where they invest, in effect robbing that country of an opportnity to build itself out of middle class erosion. America is now experiencing the same type of inequality the wealthy investor classes are inflicting on the Greeks. People must stand up for themselves, as the wealthy scheme all the time to create the deal that impoverishes those who must pay for the deal and enriches the elites who make the deal! It is plain that the financial sector of each country is run for the rich, where governments bow to their wishes. I hope the Greeks leave the European Union if they cannot get a deal other than one that would further impoverish the Greek people and destroy pension holders! Wait America, given just a little more time, the modern Rebublican and Democratic Corporate Dominance machine will soom inflict even more pain and inequality in America, than they have to date. We need financial laws and regulations in each country, particulary in our country since the debacle of the 2008 housing crisis,.. not continuing the renegade corporate rule for the elite, where 99% of the wealth created in the US goes to the elite and, this is true around the world, ...unfortunately, ....this is why we are seeing poverty created, hopes held in abeyance, highway deterioriation, over the top education costs (truly unafordable by the tipical middle class family) and so on. Wake up America! To those of you who say that the income inequality discussion is the beginning of the welfare state, I say, 'you are nuts'. Income inequality is here and everywhere and growing because the rich have waged class warfare on the poor and the working classes and now on the middle class through their complete ownership of the financial world wherein they are bound and determined to increase their wealth as they steadfastly refuse to create meaningful jobs in our country, and, pay their fair share of the tax burden! That fair share should be around 90% of their income. Capital gains taxes were high in the 40's through the 70's and then were lowered to create jobs. Those jobs were created, just not here in America! We have decimated our manufacturing base, we have failed to provide for our own people a good standard of living, where raises and salaries rise with productivity! There are definite paths we can take to make America vibrant for everyone. Stop listening to the corporate elite mouthpieces of the coporatized political parties and demand that America work for all, in order to lift the standard of living and educate our people. We need to stop the policitcal parties from making us into extremists when in reality, America has always been a bastion of compromise! We forge ahead, helping everyone keep up with the new technology and the newer types of jobs created. Except that now, the elite would rather keep us where we are, giving large rewards to those luck enough to be in the top 20% of the country and, sending work that could be done here, abroad, all with the help of our federal and state governments. We need to step back and buid resilient socio-economic vitatlity and know-how in every single American community. America cannot only exist as a land for the rich and the well-to-do if it is to grow and prosper! Opportunity, real opportunity must come soon, wages must be raised and, common sense must prevail once again!

carol k garey more than 1 year ago

I'll second Ian on that. Why

I'll second Ian on that. Why indeed should the Germans work longer and retire later so the Greeks can work less and retire sooner?

Tim N more than 1 year ago

The demand from creditors is

The demand from creditors is absolutely right. It makes no sense to let German and other country's people to pay for the early retirement and too good pension Greeks don't deserve. They should retire later and work harder to build a more decent and economically sound country. Get back to work Greeks, don't just think about sleeping on pensions and drinking cafe and gossiping in cafe when it is just 4 o'clock in the afternoon.

Ian more than 1 year ago

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