Obama’s Executive Action on Guns Targets the Disabled



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I support the rights of all

I support the rights of all mankind to self-defense. The greatest breaches of this right have occurred in Hitler’s National-Socialist party when it controlled Germany(1940’s), and in Stalin's Soviet Russia(1930’s) and in Pol-Pots Communist Cambodia(1970’s) or Mao's Communist China(1960’s). All of these examples had a dis-armed populace where millions were slaughtered. I don’t want that to happen here. My end-goal is peace and freedom and prosperity. I believe that we can achieve this through Liberty of the individual, fewer restrictions, and less government. Perhaps not all men are good-but i hope enough are that the future for our children and grandchildren may be bright and happy.

David White more than 1 year ago

Suicide IS gun violence.

Suicide IS gun violence.

When you say that "...much research shows that people with psychiatric disabilities are no more likely than anyone else to commit acts of violence, except perhaps against themselves," you seem to be dismissing the fact that suicide is the leading cause of gun deaths in this country. That's gun violence.

Women attempt suicide three times as often as men, but men account for 70% of suicides, because men use guns. People who use guns to attempt suicide are 85% successful; people who use other means are, on average, 4% successful. (It varies. See here: http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/means-matter/means-matter/case-fatality/)

The bigger question is whether focusing on mental health will reduce gun suicides. Harvard's School of Public Health says ”Suicide attempts (whether fatal or nonfatal) rarely occur 'out of the blue.' Attempters typically face multiple problems-some long term, some short term. The moment when they take action, however, is often during a brief period of heightened vulnerability." HSPH says that it's not necessarily true that people who attempt suicide take a long time to plan it. But it is true that one of the most powerful risk factors for suicide deaths is the ready availability of highly lethal methods. In the U.S., that means guns. The best way to protect people from self-inflicted gun violence is to keep guns out of the hands of people who are likely to hurt themselves.

I share your concern about giving entities caret blanche to share personal medical information willy nilly. But I also want us to remember that gun violence against oneself is the most pervasive form of gun violence in our country, and it is worth taking seriously.

Vicky Jones more than 1 year ago

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