Obama’s Dubious Syrian Strikes



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Eisenhower's farewell address

Eisenhower's farewell address told us what the real threat was--The [US] Military Industrial Complex.

"Liberal" idiots need to wake up--Obama is business as usual---just follow the MONEY! Our tax dollars are beings stolen by tow main factions
1. The kleptocratic banking/debt system.
2. The Military Industrial Complex

Focus on following the money--it is the ONLY thing taht leads to understanding.

Bruce more than 2 years ago

The few times libertarians

The few times libertarians and progressives will agree.

Tyvig more than 2 years ago

The fact that war is the only

The fact that war is the only thing Republicans will let Obama do is no excuse.

That being said, the real problem over there, and the reason that nothing we do, or refrain from doing, will help, is that the Middle East has a rapidly growing population which has already exceeded the carrying capacity of the region, especially its water resources. The obvious solution, lowering the birth rate, can be accomplished in only two ways: general affluence (as in the industrial world) or authoritarian edict (as in China). Since Osama Bin Laden's wealthy father had 50 children, it's not clear option one will work. And any authoritarian regime is more likely to mandate large families than small.

Therefore, the supply of angry young men with no prospects will grow exponentially. I'm pretty sure Obama's bombing will make things worse, but I'm not sure what will make them better.

Howard Morland more than 2 years ago

Excellent, perceptive piece

Excellent, perceptive piece of writing.

Brent M. Froberg more than 2 years ago

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