Obama Bows to American Exceptionalism at West Point



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Rather he bow to our

Rather he bow to our exceptionalism than to the King of Saudi Arabia!

GFRF more than 2 years ago

Regarding Ms Greens comment.

Regarding Ms Greens comment. Pres Obama is just as bad as Bush. And hes like Reagen too. A great orator, smlilng at you and all, and behind the scenes, the empire is failing! He's expanded our incursions with his drones, killing not only "terorrists," but women children and other innocents too! And all to the tune of 2 billion dollars a week! Not counting VA costs for many years to come! Its no wonder that people are mad at us and want to attack us! Maybe he should visit the areas he's bombed to view the damage he's wrought! See, Obama has never been to war, along with Bush and Clinton. Iam a Vietnam veteran, and Ive have seen the horrors of war first hand. The stench of the dead piled up for days along the roads to warn others, the destruction from our bombs, and of course, people shooting at you on a daily basis! And I see the damage of these wars at home here when ever I visit the VA Hospital. Young men, and now women too, damaged for life...for what..oil? Our "interests?". Ms Green. Take a trip to a VA Hospital. You may not get in, but you can stand outside and watch them come in. Or, better yet, become a reporter and or a photographer and get imbeded with an Infantry unit. You'll see your tax dollars at work! It might make you feel different towards the empty suit named Obama!

D. Matthews more than 2 years ago

I am pissed of becuase as I'm

I am pissed of becuase as I'm all excited to subscribe to your magazine afterrecievng a mailing from you ( which I'm sure must have been sent over from Mother Jones list?) and THEN i read this BULL ISH article bad mothing Obama for his speech at West Point last week or so and You start NIT PIcking and Trying to intellectualize and COMPARING HIM TO BUSH?!?? this is where i get PISSED- i don't know how old you are , perhaps you don't recall, but say what you WANT but President Obama is NOT LIKE BUSH at All.
There are a LOT of things SERIOUSLY wrong in this country now, BUT FRaNKLY, OBAMA is NOT a SERIOUS problem in this countryand if that is where you're coming from you're magazine YOU will NOT be too successful in the US. Just go to another country. seriously, and bitch about the usa.. i can't beleive HE is who you are writing about with all these f'ing Crazy, f'ed up SiCK REPUBLICANS seriously ruining this country with their Gun laws, putting women back to the 40's, wanting people to DIE in half the states in this country rather than have healthcare, and people LIVE ON DUST. rather than pay a living wage-
I was going to purchase FoUR SUBS- you idiots. Get your act together and i might reconsider. I will check back. write some good stuff and get off POTUS- he's FAR BETTER THAN what we've had and COULD end up with! you writers need to SMELL THE coffee ...please.

paula green more than 2 years ago

Kind of a half reading of the

does your computer skip when it plays video?
Kind of a half reading of the president's remarks don't ya think?
I think that we need to file this under the "Because one of them was George W Bush... All of them are George W Bush"
I suppose your first draft of this speech would have been, "We Suck, We have always sucked, and no matter how much we may try we will continue to suck"
P.s. That phrase or some variant of it has been popular since.. um... always
and many other countries have the nerve to say that about themselves as well...
Good Grief

Hal Sparks more than 2 years ago

You can have American

You can have American exceptionalism without military interventionism. You can also stll be the one indispensable nation without getting all superior about it.

The key is finding the balance between being the largest, most powerful western capitalist nation in the world without being dicks while we're at it. That's what Obama is trying to do.

Barneby more than 2 years ago

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