NY Times Firing of Abramson Hurts Women



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What surprise? Abramson was

What surprise?
Abramson was cautioned about her behavior toward fellow employees in her annual review. She knew it was a problem; she hired a coach to try to help her be more civil. It might have been a surprise to you, but since when are HR matters public? Because A.M. Rosenthal was an assh.le 50 years ago, it's OK for Abramson to be an assho.e today? Times public editor Margaret Sullivan calls Abramson "undiplomatic and less than judicious in some management and personnel decisions;” code words for "she was an assho.e." Symbolism does matter; Abramson continues to lead the way--women bosses can be assho.es too, and they can be held accountable. (Since when is mercurial associated with just women? Mercury was a man and by all accounts mercurial.)

Stephen Albert more than 2 years ago

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