How Much More Unbearable Do They Want It To Be?



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I wish I could reply thusly

I wish I could reply thusly to the above 2 comments, "I can't believe someone said that", but I can't, therein likes my deepest sadness and rage. Also wish sometimes I could say like Betty, the oldest (93), and first black woman Park Ranger, still leading tours of the wonderful Rosie The Riveter Museum in Richmond, California) said in an interview recently, talking about discrimination, what she and other blacks were subjected to, and still are subjected to minute by minute, hour by hour......"Over the years I've lost my rage but kept my passion." j

I am not there yet, Betty, I still have my rage, and I'm gonna keep it, that doesn't mean I will use it violently, that is, unless someone attacks me.. This article and Mr. Gray's interview on KPFA this morning 7/5/15, need to be in public & private dialogue, front and center, along with Ta Naheisi Coates' wonderful articles in the Atlantic, and next to Mychal Denzel Smith, in the Nation, because their voices can help the dialogue focus on the history, the why of the rage, the reality of now....these voices are are warning signals to wake the f*** up. If anything is to change, ever, if we are to work on a new system project. AND I do see that it is happening, just not fast enough. And those of us who want it to change have to want it so badly it hurts, and we must challenge the violence and racism and classism, ableism, et al everytime we hear it, and work to change images in people's minds and hearts, to challenge others to work to be the change they want to see for themselves and the future. First, people need to be educated on the missing parts of history never taught in most public and private education. Zinn, Foner, Wilkerson, Hurston, Morrison, Baldwin, are some of the voices needed These are some of the tools we need to begin to understand the reality of the trauma from kidnapping/slavery/Reconstruction/JimCrow/Jim Crow Jr, which is in the heart and soul of all blacks I think, whether they know it or not. Which needs to be in the hearts and souls of whites, as much as is possible, not having experienced it. Whites need to get inside the pain of centuries of persecution, as much as is possible, as soon as is possible. Thank you, Kevin Alexander Gray for speaking truth so clearly and beautifully.

katy kay more than 1 year ago

An opinion generally has bias

An opinion generally has bias, as it is based on feelings and experiences, as is demonstrated by the writer. I appreciate Mr. Gray's opinion and explanation of such. If he was giving a recitation of facts it would not be an opinion piece. I, myself, see no stereotyping of note in his opinion.

I have a friend who recently told me she and her husband were moving to SC for exactly the atmosphere described by Mr. Gray. They want to live in safety in a gated community in the south where people of like mind exist for their social circle. Where she and her husband will live where people of color know their place and how to behave. Her words, not mine. She is a card-carrying RWNJ Republican and she sure knows more about SC than I do. Should I accept her 'bias and stereotyping' or ask for some facts? It's just her opinion, I guess.

We are a country with a problem, and for sure, white people who harbor this problem in their inner life and desire to express it in their outer life do need to think long and hard about moving into the New Millennium. Modern citizens who desire better lives in America for all - the American Dream in short - are what we could use lots more of.

Nanette more than 1 year ago

My heart goes out for all the

My heart goes out for all the victims too! What that thug did I deplore and makes me sick. I would have no problem to put a bullet in that mans head that took the innocent lives of those people that were killed by him if I were given the honor to execute him for his crime. But I as a white person don't need to think long and hard about why he went into that church and killed those people and I am not apologizing for what that thug did. Because I didn't commit the crime .It is your kind of thinking Mr Kevin Gray, that needs to take a long hard look at being racist !!!

RJ Harrell more than 1 year ago



jniecef more than 1 year ago

Could there be any more bias

Could there be any more bias and stereotyping and any less factual information? No wonder why you write for some alternate online news source.

Kris Johnson, White guy. more than 1 year ago

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