Michael Kinsley Piles on Greenwald and the Free Press



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Why have Greenwald, Snowden,

Why have Greenwald, Snowden, Poitras disappeared from the news/internet for the last two weeks? And what about Greenwald's report of names of US citizens, which was due out more than a week ago?

Robert Abel more than 2 years ago

Whether or not Greenwald is

Whether or not Greenwald is 'self-righteous' is not relevant - and Kinsley knows it. The line of 'aided and abetted Snowden' is classic threat to mute the press - and Greenwald knew it was posed as a condemnation more than a question. Gregory's interview of Greenwald was a joke. People reflecting on Kinsley's comments should watch the Greenwald / Guardian interview of Snowden. I think what Kinsley is missing is context - that Greenwald did work with editors before publishing and they decided that there was a higher social goal of transparency, especially in the darkness of an excessive NSA data collection program without balanced government review. Hell, prior to publishing, Congress wasn't privy to most of what was exposed, the NSA's efforts to mine and analyze all cell phone and email metadata in the U.S. The damage to national security was primarily the broad realization of the NSA program and risks of future leaks by contractors. Kinsley might not like Greenwald, but his comments on Greenwald seem aimed at damage control for the part of the commercial press that simply plays along.

Jerry Eykholt more than 2 years ago

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