Like Knowing What You’re Eating? Get Ready for Lawsuits.



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Some of us are concerned

Some of us are concerned about what's happening to the soils, pollinators, and other environmental aspects as a result of the heavy use of glyphosate. Weeds are developing resistance to glyphosate much faster than predicted. Soever heavier doses are required. As a result ' Superweeds' are being bred In addition glyphosate is being sprayed directly on crops right before harvest. I believe that leaves plenty of residue on the produce being harvested.

Milkweed17 more than 1 year ago

GM labels do not tell you

GM labels do not tell you which pesticides are used.
They also tell you nothing about nutrition, patents, or even ingredients.
GM is a breeding technique, one of several used by food producers.

Organic industry also uses pesticides, which may likely be toxic.
Organic traits may also be patented, created in a lab, etc.

Thats why GM labelling tells you nothing about what you're getting, but only serves as a marketing ploy to advance non-GM interests.

Rob Bairos more than 1 year ago

I have never seen or heard

I have never seen or heard anyone advocating GM labeling should replace nutritional labeling.

John Harvey 343 days ago

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