Latino Voices: Rick Perry has no place for Latinos



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Texas ranks first nationally

Texas ranks first nationally in percentage of Hispanic high School graduation rates. Under Perry's watch Hispanic college graduation rates are up 118%. This Article Reflects The Standard Democrat line of "class warfare." In truth, El Paso and Brownsville have some of the lowest costs of living in America. It comes with so any consumers having access to cheaper products and services south of the border.

jeffbwillis more than 1 year ago

Take note my brothers and

Take note my brothers and sisters. Don't just vote the abortion issue. Jose Miguel Leyva spells it out for you. Thank you, Mr. Leyva.

Armando more than 1 year ago

This article is bogus. Must

This article is bogus. Must be a democrat. I am Hispanic and think perry is the right man for the job. What people do not understand is that all the candidates, both republican or Democrat, come with luggage or dirty little secrets or skeletons in their closet. We as Americans have to accept that truth and choose a candidate, who besides the baggage, will do the best for this country. I happen to believe rick perry is that guy. So...just relax quit focusing on the negative and the poor me attitude and let's see the picture as a whole. Let's get America back on track again. Vote for perry.....

rudy figuerova more than 1 year ago

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