The GOP’s new ploy to destroy Social Security



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The elderly didn't have a

The elderly didn't have a problem when the disability trust was reallocated to old age retirement. Look it up.

florida boy more than 1 year ago

Well, whether its the SSDI or

Well, whether its the SSDI or SSI sectional programs of the Social Security Act, there is a strict protocol for medical evaluation and rule-making requirements to be assessed as being DISABLED under the SS law ... also, Congress over the years, has been 'borrowing' from the SSTrust Fund(s) and to one's knowledge, has not be repaid ..... off-budget accounting ... one can explore the myth or fact ...

Jack more than 2 years ago

You assert that Disability

As Americans get healthier and live longer, and workplaces become safer, with fewer accidents and fewer people performing manual labor, and more stringent safety oversight at every level, we have an ever-increasing percentage of people on disability. Seniors are right to be wary of shifting money from the pensioners trust to the growing disability ranks.

Bud more than 2 years ago

...and the mainstream media

...and the mainstream media enables the fact less rhetoric.

Mark more than 2 years ago

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