Why Fair Housing Month Matters



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You know, I occupy a space in

You know, I occupy a space in a subsidized apartment building otherwise known as a studio apartment. I've been here more than ten years now and every year the landlord (a local non-profit) has sent all the tenants a letter stating they have lost the funding and have to re-apply for it again. In other words, it is now the 21st century and the government of this grand and glorious country still refuses to GUARANTEE adequate, clean, comfortable and safe housing for all the people. Do you really expect me or any other person who's been homeless or has a disability or has just fallen on hard times to think in terms of fairness when 'fairness' also applies to a landlord which, as is always the case, protects THEIR interests as well. Hence, the more things change the more they stay the same.And please oh please, do not tell me that I should be "grateful" to have a place to live. Any decent person who has been here for a while will tell you living is not the way to describe our experience here. so we are left to the hands of fate since there are so few openings for what is euphemistically known as :"public housing" and there's always that waiting list and always that predetermined percentage of how much of your meager income is destined for rent. Oh yes, the government is very good at determining that. No President save for FDR has ever even come close to suggesting any guarantee for any of the necessities of life. I say let the people decide instead of politicians.

Steve more than 2 years ago

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