Why Every Student Will NOT Succeed With the New Education Law



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Thank you for this thoughtful

Thank you for this thoughtful article regarding how the changing laws will impact students....I have a question about the funding set aside for special education in alternate (private) placement. As a parent who has literally been forced to take this route at great personal expense what do you suggest we do? My child is bright and went into school delightful and inquisitive. In the end, pushed by a system that refused to see value in simply allowing students to move on a regular basis, and devote valuable education time to social emotional skills, my poor child broke one day, instead of treating him with kindness or even just calling his parents they treated my 8 year old like a criminal. The police came and shoved my 8 year old into a table and handcuffed him. I can not send my child back to public school, although after a year in a specialty school I am going to send him to a regular private school with small classes. We were forced into the crazy system of lawyers and reimbursement because public school is sooii bad(and this all happened at what are considered excellent public schools) what are we, the parents of children who don't need extreme help (as the doe would claim) but just need public education to acknowledge a 100 years of neurological and educational research and start giving children a developmentally appropriate education, to do? I know that this system is terrible and economically unfair, but if you pull those resources without making massive changes in WHERE they go stories like ours will continue to be the norm, and even worse will give us no recourse.

Kristen more than 1 year ago

From the author, Kevin

From the author, Kevin Kumashiro:
Thank you, Kristen, for your response, and sorry to hear of your struggles with a system that failed to support your child. Your experiences highlight that there is no magic bullet, and increases in funding, while important, are not enough. We need to strengthen the system so that it supports every student, including better policies and practices regarding discipline and emotional support. You asked what parents can do--now is the time for parents to get involved at the state level (because ESSA pushes decision making to the states) to call for better policies and resources, and this can be done quite effectively by working in partnership with other constituents (community advocates, teacher unions, educational researchers, etc) who similarly care about the wellness of the students who struggle the most.

Progressive Online Media Editor more than 1 year ago

The weapons of mass deception

The weapons of mass deception used by the elite ed-reformers to shut down public schools are strengthened by this bill. State elections are more important than ever. http://weaponsofmassdeception.org/

Elizabeth Hanson more than 1 year ago

I think its all a bunch of

I think its all a bunch of junk. personally when I was in school students failed they were held back and it was only if they stepped up to move forward. we didn't have testing other then to see how you ranked nationally. as more of an ego statement then a progress statement to students. but now we don't condone competition. we don't agree with teaching unless its equal. we have gotten to the point that those who have high intelligence are being shamed, feared, or made fun of, instead of revered.

concerned more than 1 year ago

I am glad that someone else

I am glad that someone else in the blogosphere is distressed over this... and happy to see it will be up for re-authorization in "only" four years. In addition to retaining the testing provisions it gives states with the worst standards and greatest inequities in funding a bye... and it takes any discussion of public education policy out of the presidential race in 2016. ESSA won't necessarily eliminate Value Added Measurements nor will it do anything to block the privatization movement. For the life of me I don't understand why the NEA and AFT saw this as a good idea. By giving it their "seal of approval" because it could have been worse they have reinforced the test-and-punish regimen in most states and many cities in our country. Sad.

Wayne Gersen more than 1 year ago

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