Eric Holder's Five Crucial Failures



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Holder was also, while Deputy

Holder was also, while Deputy AG in the Clinton admin, the first to articulate the concept of Too Big to Jail, in a memo issued just before leaving that office.

acme more than 2 years ago

don't forget his

don't forget his schizophrenic marijuana policies.

alice thompson more than 2 years ago

Well I tend to think Holder

I tend to think Holder was being a mouthpiece for the MIC/gov't/media complex, and got burnt out with it. Or in diferent words- was he possibly more ehtical than the stuff he was mouthing and decided to get out of there?

George Reichel more than 2 years ago

This is monumentally stupid.

This is monumentally stupid. Have you noticed that the Attorney General carries out the policies of the President? Every one of your so-called failures was administration policy, pure and simple. Any other Attorney General would have done the same thing--or he wouldn't have been Attorney General

Paul Gottlieb more than 2 years ago

Out with the old corrupt bum!

Out with the old corrupt bum!
In with the new corrupt bum!
Nothing changes in DC, except the names of the bums who are only beholden to their global corporate elite sociopaths.

Kevin Schmidt more than 2 years ago

Not prosecuting the Bush

Not prosecuting the Bush/Cheney cabal is the end all be-all that creates all the other issues.

Putting on public record their crimes would have gone a long way to stop the repetition of those crimes that we are seeing now.

The Democrats didn't prosecute Nixon, so the same republican mob brought us Reagan's Iranian Treason to get elected which then tied to Iran Contra, which they didn't prosecute, so we got the SAME PEOPLE bringing us the illegal 2nd Iraq War - No Prosecution (thanks Holder & Pelosi!), and now the same people are out of power but still counted as statesmen who go on TV to argue for our current Iraq war 3.

Nixon and Reagan should have gotten the death penalty for their demonstrated treason for electoral gain.

Repeatedly demonstrating that high government officials are above the law is the CAUSE of our corruption, not merely the inadequacy of the now.

feckless more than 2 years ago

He didn't have "Five Crucial

He didn't have "Five Crucial Failures". He only had one. He failed to uphold the law. Wall St. here he comes.

Anonymous more than 2 years ago

How true. Our government has

How true. Our government has turned on its own citizenry.

Feast on those apples, all you government-funded trolls.

Watch your backs, Bush's, Clintons, Cheney, Perl, Wolfowitz, and all you
crooks who have looted all you could from the poor and middle class, and those who have fought your wars. Shame on all of you. Don't forget, treason and murder have no statute of limitations.
WE are the 99 Percent.

ashamed more than 2 years ago

And despite these spectacular

Yet despite these failures, Holder was spared by progressives from the notoriety that Ashcroft and Gonzalez (rightfully) received. When progressives failed to maintain the momentum of resistance after the Obama election, is it any surprise that the Obama administration has been even worse than the Bush administration in targeted killing, global war, abuse of executive power, secrecy, prosecution of whistleblowers - the list goes on and on...

Anonymous more than 2 years ago

It's amusing that the very

It's amusing that the very article you're commenting on is one that proves that your thesis that "Holder was spared by progressives" is entirely wrong.

Realist more than 2 years ago

I take exception. Thinking

I take exception. Thinking of December 7, 1941 of which there was some pre intelligence or September 11, 2001 of which there was some pre intelligence. If the President was aware of some well formulated advanced knowledge of these attacks on our homeland I would have no problem with advanced action being taken. If I though that Hitler had advance capability of dropping an atomic bomb I would have no problem with the President taking advanced action. I do object to torture as a means of intelligence because it does not work.

Ron Shenberger more than 2 years ago

His nomination was a

His nomination was a forewarning of what this administration was to be. A man, under a professional cloud for his ethics and political partisanship. he began by dismissing the charges against the two black panthers and ended by comparing the man in Ferguson who in a space of 15 minutes strong armed a shop owner for cigars, strode down the middle of the street, and punched a cop in the face. When confronted by the same police man to halt, he gave him the bums rush, and the police man fired on the man, killing him. Mr. Holder refereed to him as a child, as a martyr of the disparity between white police and black felons. factually, I hope Mr. Holder is held personally responsible for his actions in 'Fast and Furious,' his repeated racists findings against any white in need of justice, and his promotion of all people of color. Justice is purportedly blind, Mr. Holder left his blinders at home, under his robe.

Marc Conder more than 2 years ago

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