Democratic Beatdown Not a GOP Mandate



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You are correct when you say

You are correct when you say that the election was not a mandate for a Republican agenda. I disagree that it happened because of a “pervasive anti-Obama drumbeat” or “incessant Republican pounding.” It happened because the American people are mad. You chose to ignore the recent poll that showed that the majority of the American people disagree with the direction our country is headed. Another poll showed that the same majority disapprove of the job our president is doing. This sizable majority wants a change and carried the election.

You say people “foolishly ignored the positives that Obama has brought: a lower unemployment rate and health care coverage for millions who didn't have it.” Hah! The 5.5% unemployment rate is a joke. It does not include the more that 90 million people who are so discouraged that they are not even looking for work anymore. Including these people puts the unemployment rate well above 20%. Nothing positive for Obama about that.

As for health care coverage, it's in the news today that one of the Obamacare architects, Jonathon Gruber, said a lack of transparency about what was in the law was necessary to get it passed. If people knew what was in the law, it could not possibly be passed. Also, “the stupidity of American voter...was really, really critical to getting the thing to pass.” Comments like this, showing the dishonesty and condescension of the Democrat Party, will only make the American people even angrier.

Then you complain about the right-wing billionaires such as the Koch brothers funneling obscene amounts of money into the election. Somehow left-wing billionaires funneling obscene amounts of money into elections is quite alright, but their names seldom get into the news and never get criticized. Off the top of my head I can think of several: Jeffery Katzenberg, Mark Zuckerberg, Steven Spielberg and Arthur Blank; all loyal Democrats who give huge amounts of money to support Democrat candidates, certainly as much as the Koch brothers. And, they don't need body guards to protect their families because of constant death threats like the Koch brothers must.

Will all that right-wing money get those evil billionaires what they want? Let's see:
lower taxes on corporations? Not likely but we can hope. Lower taxes will mean more money available for job growth.
Conservative nominees to the judicial bench? Impossible with Obama in the White House.
Further erosion of the welfare state??? What erosion? The welfare state has grown by 50% in the last six years.

To close, you are correct that “the clear lesson for Democrats is that you have to present an agenda and fight for it.” It might also help to be honest about it.

Don Stone more than 2 years ago

I love the left magic numbers

I love the left magic numbers. Unemployment rate is down- of course it is if people keep dropping out of it. What is it now 90 million out of the work force?
Gas is down. So let me understand this, when the gas was up the president was not responsible for it as he could not control it. But when it goes down is all him?
Healthcare? Seriously? Premiums are up and he amends the darn thing every day.

independent voice more than 2 years ago

The problem with President

The problem with President Barack Obama and many Democrats is that they all suffer from that modern liberal problem (or repeated pattern) of "refusing to take their own side in an argument." As I said, this is a repeated pattern. Since I started voting in 1988 at the age of 19 for Governor Michael Dukakis for President, I seen such patterns of Democrats behaving like battered housewives against the Republicans. When the GOP attacks them even when those attacks are easily refutable, they take the "high road" instead of slinging the mud back with equal furiosity. Democrats seem to take pride in refusing to take their own side in an argument with a wishy washy sense of humility. Unless, they want to go after the left in the way that US Senator Max Baucus conducted himself in the arrests of single payer activists back in 2010. We need a viable "labor party." To hell with operatives like Donna Brazelle that wants to criticize Ralph Nader for running in 2000 than to criticize Al Gore for choosing Joe Lieberman (who is now almost a Republican). If the Democrats can't get their act together, progressives and the liberal left need to band together behind a viable "labor party" outside the two party system modeled after the successful (socialist) New Democratic Party of Canada....

Melvin Little more than 2 years ago

The author says Obama is the

The author says Obama is the reason why gasoline prices are lower. Really??? Gasoline is a world commodity that's affected by many factors, one of them being production. The US has increased it's production dramatically, especially due to fracking, which is NOT supported by Obama. Maybe herr professor Lusane also believes that Obama got his Nobel peace price for his peace loving ways.

viva la migra more than 2 years ago

Low intelligence rears its

Low intelligence rears its head and thinks mandate but they don't have a clue what that means.

xicano2nd2 more than 2 years ago



Yes it was a mandate and on the top of my list is for the new Congress To Investigate, Impeach, and Prosecute Obama.

Lee more than 2 years ago

Fine as long as Dubya and

Fine as long as Dubya and Cheney are in the cell with him.

Biff more than 2 years ago

I read some of the comments

I read some of the comments
Here and find out that this kind
Of thinking is what the hell is wrong in our country! You people need to get a life.
Obama is a disgrace as is the people that support his radical agenda. He and his party have been bitched slapped at the polls by the American people. You lost!! Period.

Lee more than 2 years ago

I'm all for a radical agenda

I'm all for a radical agenda when it promotes healthcare for millions, supports small businesses and equal pay for women. And for the record, FIRST People that think are never a problem in a democracy. Secondly I'm an Independent, but I dare to suggest that the only thing the GOP won on election day is an opportunity to cohesively govern a skill they've displayed seldom of late.

Kathleen Challacombe more than 2 years ago

Hilary CLinton. or the 3rd

Hilary CLinton. or the 3rd Obama term will LOSE to anyone with a pulse in 2016...

drunkendisorderly more than 2 years ago

Correct. This was not a

Correct. Not a mandate. Only one-third of the country’s eligible voters cast a ballot last night. You can’t call an election a national mandate when two-thirds of eligible voters stayed home. Young Americans and Latino Americans, specifically, sat this one out.

Jamie more than 2 years ago

Well, if you don't vote, you

Well, if you don't vote, you can't complain.

Paul more than 2 years ago

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