Chattanooga Shooting Fuels Anti-Muslim Reaction



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As a former resident of

As a former resident of Tennessee (though not Chattanooga), I am especially saddened and disturbed that these shootings occurred in a state where I was raised as a child and young adult. While I lived in Nashville and Knoxville, I have visited the state's major cities frequently.

I understand that Chattanooga prior to these shootings had had a good reputation for tolerance of differing beliefs, including the various strains of Islam. I hope these violent occurances will not lead to any intolerance of innocent, law-abiding Muslims. What about the extreme Christian white terrorists that dominate terrorism in the U.S.?

William R. Delzell more than 1 year ago

Thank goodness people in the

Thank goodness people in the public eye are starting to speak out and say what the rest of us are thinking and saying among ourselves - that yes indeed there should be increased scrutiny of muslims in this country and decreased or halted immigration from muslim countries.

rhcrest more than 1 year ago

may be ,the white supremacist

may be ,the white supremacist, who distrust the government and its policies, should be interned first, because ,they pose a greater,more immediate threat to the safety of many Americans.

kam more than 1 year ago

Treason and sedition are not

Treason and sedition are not protected free speech, especially during times of war. If progressives continue to run interference and cover for islam and jihadi filth, you should expect to become targets. Brevik is insane, but he identified the correct targets. Complicit, you will be held liable.

Canadian more than 1 year ago

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