35 Years Late, Catholic Church Reveres Archbishop Romero



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I am responding to the

I am responding to the comment by Thomas Lewis. I feel your comment was inappropriately charged with personal disgust. I am not a Roman Catholic. I happen to be a Latter-day Saint (Mormon). My observation of you - simply judging by your words - is that you sustain a kind of Catholicism that existed in your life once upon a time, but has since changed, and is no longer there for you in that familiar and preferred manner. Your church has changed, and you miss the way things were. All churches change, and each change is difficult for some, easy for others. It sounded to me as though much of your commentary was not about this deceased Archbishop, but a personal lament about your church. I sometimes feel as though my church has left me. It is said that misery enjoys company, and, so, I was a little bit comforted to think that I am not the only one who has experienced this. Thank you for that.

The Roman Catholic Church has beatified this man; adding to the sanctity of his memory. Your words detract from that. To me, you appear out-of-step with your Church. You have also stamped him in a derogatory tone as something of a communist, and, then, you failed to condemn the right-wing rebels who murdered him in the performance of his priestly duties within his church. If the man refused body guards, why did the rebels have to kill him within the church? I truly am sorry for you, Thomas Lewis. I am sorry you don't like the way your church has changed. I am also sorry that you cannot bring yourself to rejoice with the recognition your Church is placing upon this man's sacred memory. I am sorry you demonstrate no compassion for the poor he served, but actually condemn him for it. I am sorry that rebels of any stripe desecrating a sacred house of worship with an act of diabolical murder does not make you shudder.

I am not a Catholic, and I am not a communist, but I can rejoice in this belated action by your Church, and be thankful for the ideals this man lived by, and died for. God rest his soul in Christ.

Richard Redick more than 2 years ago

The late Archbishop Oscar

The late Archbishop Oscar Romero was denounced publicly by Pope John Paul II for spreading the heresy of "Liberation Theology."

For those who do not know, "Liberation Theology" is but one of the many manifestations of the modernist heresy. Liberation theology seeks to transform the Church's true mission (ie., that of conquering sin and saving souls) into a sociological/political doctrine whereby it seeks to conquer political, social, and economic oppression.

Clearly Christ did not become flesh and die on the cross so that we could have political, social, and economic parity. He came to redeem us from original sin, and left an institution under the Apostles to sanctify us through the sacraments.

To further his aims, Archbishop Romero was heavily involved with communist/leftist revolutionary causes in Central America. Having stuck his head where no bishops head belongs, he was killed by right-wing rebels at the altar (which is not a martyrdom, anymore that I would be a martyr if I was killed serving Mass).

Romero's heresy has infected every seminary in the world; training now centers on the "social Gospel" of Jesus Christ. Though Romero was but one of many liberation theologians who contributed to the destruction of Catholicism after Vatican II (as we knew it), he was one of the more influential and rebellious fomenters of revolution. Thanks to him and his ilk, we have the milktoast priests devoid of doctrinal knowledge who are staffing most of the world's dioceses.

Thomas R Lewis more than 2 years ago

Thomas R. Lewis speaks the

Thomas R. Lewis speaks the absolute truth. Romero perpetuated one of the most destructive heresies of our time.

Brian Hancock more than 2 years ago

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