10 Questions about Obama’s Iraq Bombing




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I renounce war, and I will

I renounce war, and I will never support or sanction another war.

Scott ffolliott more than 2 years ago

1. The president is commander

1. The president is commander in chief, exercising his constitutional powers, as have many presidents before him (cf. Barbary pirates). Using the armed forces is not the same thing as declaring war, which has a specific meaning in international law.
2. As pointed out above, the Authorization for the Use of Military Force is still in effect, though unnecessary, since the War Powers Act is unconstitutional anyway (see #1).
3. Yes, ISIL is not a country. Iraq, which IS a country, has asked for our help.
4. Because then they wouldn't be able to carry out their functions, duh.
5. Because the world is imperfect, and so is foreign policy. Your argument is akin to saying, "We can't ticket all speeders, so why ticket any?"
6. This is your best argument, but is off. ISIL is not equivalent to the Iraqi Sunni opposition that the US fought.
7. It's too facile to suggest that this has been a "war for oil." Oil companies don't care who they get their oil from -- they're happy to deal with communist Angola, Cuba, USSR (back in the day), fundamentalist Saudi Arabia, whatever. They'll happily deal with ISIL if that's what's required. Oil is oil; doesn't matter who pumps it, it all goes into the same market.
8. Your second-best argument, but doesn't address the immediate question of helping stave off genocide of the Yazidis.
9. This is a very naïve and silly question.
10. Do you believe that Barack Obama is the same as George W. Bush? No? Then you've answered your own question.

Steven J. Wangsness more than 2 years ago

Ref 1&2

Ref 1&2

My understanding is that the GWOT AUMF has never been repealed. You and I might wish that Congress would exercise its war powers more selectively, would issue only declarations of war against specific nations, with specific war aims whose achievement would end the authority to continue prosecuting hostilities. But that's not the world we live in. In the real world, Congress, in passing the AUMF, passed a blank check declaration of war against any nation or group the President decides is a threat.

The War Powers Act doesn't come into play, because the AUMF gives the President the authority to decide that we can conduct hostilities against ISIL.

Glen Tomkins more than 2 years ago

Isil is now a recognized

Isil is now a recognized country?

Anonymous more than 2 years ago

Ref #3. Does anyone

Ref #3. Does anyone recognize ISIL as a government? The US certainly doesn't, therefore we're not attacking a country when we attack ISIL forces. The point is rather basic.

Glen Tomkins more than 2 years ago



Its The Oil Stupid,i.e. Expression But Its:

The Truth You Never Heard...


TRASK TRASK more than 2 years ago

An excellent piece; Obama

An excellent piece; Obama stands in a long line of failed, misguided presidents.

Brent M. Froberg more than 2 years ago

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