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On the Line

Three Ways to Beat the NRA Frank Smyth
We need a different approach.

Why Are You Paying Visa’s Legal Fees? Darwin BondGraham

The credit card company managed to pass its penalty in a huge conspiracy case on to consumers.

1st Person Singular

Undercover at ALEC Chris Taylor

I put on my best conservative suit for the annual convention.

Shining a Light on Hannah Arendt Ed Rampell

Filmmaker Margarethe von Trotta tells the stories of remarkable women.

Sentenced to Debt Scot Ross and Mike Browne

College loans form a noose around the necks of tens of millions of Americans.


Bernie Sanders John Nichols
We are losing the progressive vision of what life can be like,” says the Vermont Senator.

Poem Sadie Ducet

Dave Zirin wants the bad guys to win.

Books Jake Whitney reviews Breach of Trust, by Andrew Bacevich.

Jim Hightower measures the wealth of six Waltons.