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Comment A State of Surveillance

On the Line

Bill Fletcher plans a Walmart D-Day.

Ruth Conniff exposes the GOP game plan on education.


Wisconsin’s Voucher Vultures Rebecca Kemble

How three former speakers of the state assembly now prey on public schools.

ALEC’s Schoolhouse Rock Brendan Fischer

Here’s where the privatizers go to get their “model” legislation.


Meet A. R. Rahman, Musical Messenger Amitabh Pal

The Slumdog Millionaire composer aims to bring the world together.


Rebecca Solnit Leath Tonino

“Hope is largely about how you tell the story,” says the writer and activist.

Dave Zirin salues an Iraq War protester.

Will Durst is a letter writer for the NSA.

Poem Donald Smyth

Books: Mike Ervin reviews Good Kings Bad Kings, by Susan Nussbaum. 

Jim Hightower goes back to high school.