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Comment No Excuse on Guantánamo

On the Line

Ruth Conniff gets sage advice from a former police chief after the Boston Marathon bombings.


Deporting Citizens Tim Vanderpool
The immigration service is snaring hundreds of bona fide American citizens in its net.

1st Person Singular


Adam McKay David Sirota
“Everyone knows that our media has become a joke,” says the creator of Anchorman and The Campaign.

Poem Martin Steingesser

Michael Apted Ed Rampell

“Sometimes being an outsider can be valuable,” says the British filmmaker, who just finished 56 Up.

Dave Zirin says Jason Collins and Brittney Griner can teach the guys in the huddle a lot.

Will Durst goes down the comeback trail.

Books Arun Gupta reviews Dirty Wars, by Jeremy Scahill, and Kill Anything That Moves, by Nick Turse.

Jim Hightower gags on the ag-gag laws.