November 2012

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Comment Voter ID Laws a New Low

On the Line



Obama Perfects Impunity Alfred W. McCoy
The Bush legacy of torture continues.

Spaniards Take On the Banks María Carrión
By the millions, they rebel against austerity and foreclosures.

1st Person Singular

Dreaming with My Mother Angy Rivera
Going public with our undocumented status was a hard decision for both my mom and me.


Robert Reich Christopher D. Cook
“The whole football field has moved so far to the right in my lifetime,” says the former Labor Secretary.


Dave Zirin studies the lessons of the NFL ref lockout.

Will Durst says that the Romney campaign should be outsourced.

Poem Dennis Trudell

Books Amitabh Pal reviews The Race for What’s Left: The Global Scramble for the World’s Last Resources, by Michael T. Klare.

Jim Hightower contends that Paul Ryan is the one in charge.