August 2012

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On the Line


Ruth Conniff wonders why so many working people voted for Scott Walker.


It All Turns on Affection

Wendell Berry
We urgently need to find alternatives to corporate rule.


Conyers at Career’s End?

Clarence Lusane
Aging and redistricting are taking their toll on this embodiment of black politics.

Surveying Happiness Laura Musikanski and John de Graaf
A new measure of social well-being is catching on globally.

Night Watch Darryl Holliday and E. N. Rodriguez
Nuns defy the law to help undocumented immigrants.

1st Person Singular

The NYPD’s File on Me Jordan Flaherty
New York’s finest came all the way to New Orleans to violate my rights


Cenk Uygur

Ed Rampell
“Things are getting much better” on cable TV, says the progressive talk show host.

Kate Clinton
roots for nuns.
Dave Zirin testifies about a landmark NFL lawsuit.

Poem Matthew Murrey

Books Jordan Michael Smith reviews Fire in the Ashes, by Jonathan Kozol.

Jim Hightower says move your money out of the bankers’ vaults.