July 2012

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Comment Twelve More Years in Afghanistan

On the Line


Ruth Conniff celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of The Other America.

The 9 Most Loathsome Lobbyists Ian Murphy
This bunch is vile even by Washington's low standards.


Arizona Insurgent Kari Lydersen
Navajo progressive Wenona Benally Baldenegro is running a spirited campaign for Congress.

Sage of Somalia Moustafa Bayoumi
Nuruddin Farah aims to keep his country alive through his writing.

Poem José Hernández Díaz

1st Person Singular

A Letter to June Jordan Alice Walker
Missing a friend and a powerful voice that was stilled ten years ago.


Will Durst rates the potential GOP VP picks.

Dave Zirin judges a new Olympic event.

Books Tom Hayden reviews The Passage of Power, by Robert Caro.

Jim Hightower doesn't want to eat Agent Orange Corn.