February 2012

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Comment Ripping Up the Magna Carta

On the Line


Terry Tempest Williams celebrates the filmmaker as activist.

Eduardo Galeano remembers the first free country in the

Edwidge Danticat marks the second anniversary of Haiti's deadly earthquake.

1st Person Singular

Lawrence Egbert attends to patients facing their exit.

A Taste of Freedom Breanna Lembitz
I spent seven weeks in Zuccotti Park, and here is what I got.

Inside the Occupy Movement Arun Gupta and Michelle Fawcett
We visited nearly thirty occupations in twenty states in two months.

Occupy Comes to Appalachia Barbara Kingsolver
When I found Occupy Johnson City, Tennessee, I saw some American flags and a sign that said, "God Hates Banks."


Arundhati Roy Arun Gupta and Michelle Fawcett
"I cannot deny myself the surprise and delight" at Occupy Wall Street, which is "introducing a new political language into the United States," says the author and activist.


Poem John Kaufman

Dave Zirin calls out the moral posturing in Happy Valley.
41 Kate Clinton wants to live in Hillary Clinton's world.

Books Ruth Conniff reviews Olivia Says Good Night, by Gabe Pulliam and Farrah McDoogle, and Olivia Goes to Venice, by Ian Falconer.

Jim Hightower eyes Newt's talent for peddling influence.