October 2011

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On the Line


Terry Tempest Williams pays tribute to her mentors, human and coyote.

Ruth Conniff praises Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky of Illinois.

Inside the ALEC Dating Service Mark Pocan

What I witnessed at the annual lovefest between corporations and their political lackeys.


Chiquita in the Dock Kirk Nielsen
A lawsuit alleges that the banana giant is liable for war crimes in Colombia.

Don't Throw Away the Key Luis J. Rodríguez
Life without parole is not a moral alternative to the death penalty.

1st Person Singular

My Gonzo Run for Congress Ian Murphy

I did everything wrong. But was it wrong enough?


Steve Earle Nick A. Zaino III
“The difference between human beings and animals is not an opposable thumb,” says the musician and activist. “It’s the fact that we create and consume art.”


Poem Lauren Schmidt

Spotlighting the Undocumented Carl Kozlowski
The film A Better Life is perfect for your Anglo friends.

Will Durst spots a ruse, a sham . . . Super Congress!
Dave Zirin proposes a solution to the NBA lockout.


Jim Hightower exposes Rick Perry’s misrule in Texas.