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Comment Netanyahu's No

On the Line


Terry Tempest Williams communes with gorillas in Rwanda.

Ruth Conniff talks to two women who needed abortions.


The Wisconsin Model

John Nichols | Activists in other states need to reconnect with their own rich histories.


New Driver for the Teamsters Steve Early
A progressive woman aims to get behind the wheel.

1st Person Singular

My Guantánamo Client Pardiss Kebriaei
Muhammed was slouched in his chair, eyes downcast, when we walked into the makeshift cabin at Camp Echo for our meeting.

The Pentagon Goes to College Stephen Glain
It's quickly becoming the nation's most powerful benefactor of social science research.


Joe Sacco Liz Crain

"Americans really think that they're hot shit when it comes to journalism, but all those years of so-called objective journalism have really obscured the reality," says the comic book writer.


Poem Juan Felipe Herrera.

Kate Clintont wonders where that 10 percent figure came from.
Dave Zirin asks the NBA to do much more to combat homophobia.

Books Amitabh Pal reviews The Deaths of Others: The Fate of Civilians in America's Wars, by John Tirman.

Jim Hightower wonders about the definition of shared sacrifice.