February 2010

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On the Line


Barbara Ehrenreich dissects the cancer-industrial complex.

Terry Tempest Williams sets the table for six.

Ruth Conniff grades Obama’s visit to a school.

Michael Feldman gets his hands on a secret Republican health care memo.

Mikhail Gorbachev says capitalism needs its own Perestroika.


Taking Tea Partiers Seriously Chip Berlet

Calling them stupid and crazy gets us nowhere.


Bibi and the Settlers Reese Erlich

Netanyahu is actually on their side.

Beyond the Green Niche Jason Mark

Why aren’t more people buying green?


Amy Ray Andrea Lewis

“Just pick one little thing and do it, and know that it affects everything,” says the Indigo Girls singer.

Poem Jon Andersen


A Voice from Senegal: Youssou N’Dour Matt Pascarella

The popular singer harnesses the transformative power of music.

Will Durst gives Obama a first quarter report card.

Dave Zirin salutes Andrea Lewis.


Jeff Chang reviews 1989: Bob Dylan Didn’t Have This to Sing About, by Joshua Clover.

Jim Hightower lists six things you can do.