December 2006

Comment The Reign of Secrecy

Barbara Ehrenreich Barbara Ehrenreich hears a cry for help.

Luis J. Rodríguez dentifies a better way to deal with gangs.

Matthew Rothschild profiles two people who were hassled for wearing a T-shirt with Arabic on it.

[[:node/4253|"Leave Us Alone," Iranian Reformers Say]] by Muhammad Sahimi.

[[:node/4252|A Conservative for Impeachment]] by Brian Gilmore Wallace Shawn by Elizabeth DiNovella "It is astounding that America does work in the same way that an open dictatorship works, in that a handful of people really seem to be able to dominate an entire country," says the playwright and actor.

Poem by Spoon Jackson

As chosen by Kate Clinton, Ruth Conniff, Anne-Marie Cusac, Elizabeth DiNovella, Susan J. Douglas, Barbara Ehrenreich, Andrea Lewis, John Nichols, Amitabh Pal, Luis J. Rodríguez, and Matthew Rothschild..

Molly Ivins catches the Bushies playing with numbers.