January 2006

[[:mag_comm0106|Comment]] Plan for Quagmire

Barbara Ehrenreich ponders the greed of oil company executives.

Nat Hentoff witnesses an attack on the people's right to know.

Howard Zinnsays it's time to end not just this war but all war.

Ruth Conniffsmells political change in the air.

Next Target: Birth Control Barbara MinerAbortion hardliners move against "the contraceptive mentality."

Persecution in Haiti Judith Scherr Even the U.N. contingent has been implicated in the repression.

[[:mag_intv0106|The Dalai Lama]] Amitabh Pal "Once the day of our return comes, I will go into complete retirement," says the Tibetan leader. "There will be no political role for the Dalai Lama."Poem by Mario Susko

The Mavericks' Maverick by Dave ZirinMark Cuban is a political work-in-progress.

Kate Clinton commemorates the "Year of MoreThan Just One Woman."

Molly Ivins is bored with Bush.