August 2008

Comment Cheney's Fingerprints

Barbara Ehrenreich weighs the bloated overclass.

Matthew Rothschild talks to a poet deemed unworthy.

[[:mag_sturgis0807|Bush Reneges on Housing Pledge]] by Susan Sturgis
To look at what happened to the homesteading initiative is to see writ small the larger dysfunctions that have stymied efforts to rebuild.

[[:mag_shorrock0807|Gambling with Biloxi]] Tim Shorrock
Casinos come first, while residents are left to fight for their homes and neighborhoods.

[[:mag_gilmore0807|Rats' Alley]] Brian Gilmore
On a visit to New Orleans, you're never ready to see a neighborhood that is dead and gone.

Elizabeth Edwardsby Ruth Conniff
"What makes the other candidates get up in the morning and want to do this?" The wife of John Edwards asks if they have a vision beyond themselves.

Poem by Rachel Hadas

Will Durst calls Cheney a shark with glasses.