April 2009

This collector's item takes you year by year through The Progressive, starting in 1909.

The editors have culled the best and pithiest items from each volume every published.

You'll be amazed at the names: James Addams and Helen Keller to Theodore Dreiser and Sinclair Lewis; from Upton Sinclair to George Orwell and Norman Thomas; from Huey Long to Adlai Stevenson, JFK, Hubert Humphrey, Gaylord Nelson and Paul Wellstone; from James Weldon Johnson to A. Philip Randolph and James Baldwin and Martin Luther King Jr; from Belle Case La Follette to Helen Gahagan Douglas to Gloria Steinem, June Jordan, and Molly Ivins; from Noam Chomsky to Edward Said to Howard Zinn, and many more!

Special 100th anniversary issue of the The Progressive (132 pages).