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Ruth Conniff examines Obama's mixed record.

Dave Zirin bemoans the price of a baseball game.
Luis J. Rodríguez finds poverty—and beauty—on the border.

On the Line


Afghan War Stories

A Friend Falls in Afghanistan by Amy Yee

When someone you care about gets killed in war, it transcends politics.

Uprooting an Afghan Village by Anand Gopal

U.S. and NATO attacks send people packing.


GM Ghost Town by Roger Bybee

The car company's shortsightedness and Obama's hardline attitude bring anxiety.

Shepard Fairey, Citizen Artist by Antonino D'Ambrosio

The maker of the iconic "Hope" poster has turned frustration and anger into inspiration.


Robert Redford by Matthew Rothschild

"Art is the language of the soul," says the Hollywood icon and activist. "That's why it's important to subsidize it."


Kate Clinton debates her partner on whether to get married.

Poem Ellen Bass

Books Ben Adler reviews 40 More Years: How the Democrats Will Rule the Next Generation, by James Carville, with Rebecca Buckwalter-Poza.

Jim Hightower watches the Democrats boil off all the populism.