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On the Line


J. Rodríguez visits a segregated school.

Barbara Ehrenreich spies a future for journalists.


Naomi Klein on "[[:klein0809.html|Capitalism, Sarah Palin-Style]]."
Hers is the view that there will always be another frontier, another Alaska, another bubble, and tomorrow will never come.


[[:joya0809.html|“Throwing Dust in the Eyes of Our People” Malalai Joya]]
Afghanistan's outspoken feminist member of parliament says the coming election is just for show.

Get Rid of Your Nukes Mikhail Gorbachev
"The nuclear danger can only be removed by abolishing nuclear weapons," says the former head of the Soviet Union.

Lethal Sting Vince Beiser
The cops offered Rachel Hoffman a deal: Become an informant, and we'll drop the marijuana charge. But then nothing went right.

Poem Sam Hamill


William Greider Ruth Conniff
"The old order is gone," says the author. "So what do we do now as a country?"

[[:dambrosio0809.html|A profile of Green Day.]] Antonino D'Ambrosio
The band's latest album navigates the chaos Bush left in his wake.

Kate Clinton relishes the current summer of love.

Dave Zirin tags the Pentagon out for taking over PE.


Moustafa Bayoumi reviews Engaging the Muslim World, by Juan Cole, and Sowing Crisis, by Rashid Khalidi.

[[:hightower0809.html|Jim Hightower points a flashlight at the new oil cheats]].